Done Fast, Done Right.

Please Allow Myself to Introduce… Myself:

Hi, My name is Scott Lutz.
I am the owner and lead technician of the Northwoods Computer Guy.
To start with, I am a husband. I have been married to my wife, Gerrie, (an Antigo native) for 25+ years and have 3 kids. We proudly live in the community of Antigo, WI where we have been for the past 20 years. Trust me when I say, I could not have chosen a better place to raise my family.
I started this company to give a little something back to this wonderful community that I call home. My goal was not only to be the guy you called when you had a computer problem, but the guy you called to help keep your computer from having problems. Kind of a Computer Preventative Maintenance Man.

I Am a Computer Guy: (Just not your average computer guy)

Let me start by saying, I LOVE COMPUTERS! They fascinate me. I have been working with computers for over 30 years, learning the in’s and out’s of them like the back of my hand.
During those 30 years, I have spent the last 15 as a service man, helping people get their computers serviced and repaired
The world of personal computers is a very fast moving place, and I refuse to stop learning. I can’t stop, if I stop, I fall behind. I am constantly picking up new books and re-educating myself to keep up with the latest technology that I will be seeing each day and how best to work with it.
What I am not is a. “Techno-Babble” master… or a “Geek Speaker.”
Have you ever walked into a place and had the “Computer Tech” walk up to you and just start spouting off computer terms and abbreviations that confused you and made you feel stupid?
I hate when people do that to me, and I will try to never do that to you!
If I do, I promise I will try my best to explain it in what I like to call. “Plain Speak” using common words and phrases that make understanding computer problems a little easier!

What Does The Northwoods Computer Guy Do?

I do “Peace of Mind: a feeling of being safe or protected” I want you to leave my shop feeling like you made the right choice, that you have left your personal or business computer in the hands of a true professional.
I fix the broken.
The Northwoods Computer Guy does so much that it never hurts to ask if I provide a service that I don’t advertise. There is a very good chance I can help you with whatever your request is. If I cannot help you, then I will point you in the right direction to save you a little time so you don’t spend the day calling around trying to find an answer.

Can You Help Me?

Yup, and your repair and/or service will be “Done Fast, Done Right”
From the most basic of services, for example, “Can you help me set up my computer and teach me a little about how to use it?” Yes I can.
To some of the most time consuming services, for example, “I need a small business network… Could you help me set it up?” Yes I can.
And everything in between, Give me a call and let me say “Yes I can.” for you.

As a member of this community I want to help it grow and prosper. Please give me a call at 715-623-2468 or at my Cell: 715-216-6416 and let me know how I can help you. -Scott