Working From Home?

So thanks to the global pandemic COVID19 You’re stuck at home as work piles up. Grrrr. So what can be done?!?

Remote tools can help you access your work computer from home, keeping you from falling behind.

Well from a computer standpoint you do have a few options! Over the past few years we’ve had many companies step up and create solutions that allow you to remotely access your computer from a different location such as home.
Now be aware, that the things I’m talking about do require you to have a pretty decent internet connection. You will not be doing this well over incredibly slow DSL, and you will have a lot of trouble doing this across platforms such as satellite. With that being said any computer with an internet connection should be able to make this happen in one way or another. (Just remember Slow Internet = Slow Remote)

So how do we make this magic happen!?

Well there’s a couple ways to do this on your own or you can hire me (Your Northwoods Computer Guy) to make this happen for you.
Either way the process to do so is very similar and can be handled in numerous ways.
Let’s start by teaching you some of the tools you can use to make this happen on your own if you wish. One of the easiest tools to download and get started with is a program called TeamViewer. TeamViewer is what’s commonly called an RDP software or a remote desktop protocol software. TeamViewer works very easily by having you install their software on the client computer (the computer you wish to control) and the viewing computer (the computer you’ll be using to control the other computer)
You simply install the software on each PC and then jot down your numbers and passwords that you set up during the installation process. That’s it! This is perfect for short term remote assistance to yourself and allows you to quickly log into your computers and do your work from home.
Just an FYI, this service is free for home users, however for businesses, they are going to want to charge you!

There are other options out there which are free which work perfectly fine, the reason I bring up TeamViewer is they are a very well-supported company and have very good latency times which describes how quickly the screen reacts to the things you do.

Long Term Solutions

If you’re looking for more of a long-term solution you can always contact the Northwoods Computer Guy and we can discuss how to set up things for remote work, in the long run. This includes setting up your firewall to properly allow communication, setting up RDP or VNC type servers to allow you to have open contact with your computers and this could be much cheaper than a subscription to a remote service!
Every person and every company’s needs are different, and we can work together to find out what works for you best!

Here’s to hoping the quarantine is short! -Scott