To me, there is no greater compliment than, when someone takes the time to tell a friend about me! The only thing better than hearing such wonderful things is sharing those testimonials with you all. I personally would like to take just a minute to say thanks to everyone who took a moment to give me a testimonial. I could not survive without your continued support!

Fast, reliable service

Thanks to the Northwoods computer guy, my laptop is working wonderful. He is the best around. Fast and professional.

Lillian Novak

My Computer GENIUS

Northwoods Computer Guy…Scott…has been our life saver for over 8 years….Scott and Gerrie have become friends, and I would not even conceive the notion to take my electronic problems anywhere else. Scott is not only fair, he is honest, and he tells you what is wrong in language you can understand…so he is my favorite geek…without being a geek!!!!
I would recommend Scott to anyone with computer problems…..

Lori Leider

We are not a company…We are just 2 people

We are not a company…We are just 2 people growing older, and love to be on the computer…watching the news, playing games, socializing…..somehow or other we have problems and have to call our friend Scott…..I am so thankful for you Scott, as we would be lost without all your help….
So I just want to say a simple Thank you so very much, and God Bless…..

Barbara A. Szopinski

Just helping out

My external hard drive failed after backing a life time of photos. Northwoods Computer Guy took it in and worked on it immediately and found the problem. Scott told me my problem and no bull that it could be fixed but he could not do it but helped me find someone who could. He also helped me package it up so I could send it in. Scott did not even charge me for all his help. Scott is honest, helpful, and very timely, I know where I am going from now on for all my computer related problems.

Tommie Stuckert

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Northwoods Computer Guy!!!

I have known Scott for about 10 years…and it seems like only yesterday he was fixing our computers at work for the first time. I can not say enough about how thorough and expeditious Scott is in getting our business up and running.
I have recommended Scott to everyone I know and I will continue to do so!!!!

Thank you Scott for being so awesome!!!

Lori Leider

Lori Jazdzewski-Leider

You are my new computer guy!

You are my new computer guy, now that I found ya. You took care of my sons computer and will eventually be seeing mine. (unfortunately) great job.

Jeannie Crum

Top Notch!

We use Scott the Northwoods Computer Guy as our IT professional here at the Mosquito Squad. Scott is always prompt to keep us up and running, he is knowledgeable, and he doesn’t’ sell us stuff we don’t need. A definite asset to a small business.

A+++ and highly recommend him!

Mark Hoerman

Help with New Laptop

Scott did a professional job checking my old computer, finding the problem and giving me a choice of fixing my laptop or buying a new one. We then went on the net and he helped me pick out a new one which fit my needs. We shipped it directly to him and he transferred everything from my old laptop to the new one. All done at a reasonable price. Thank you very much!

Dale Buettner

Great service in the Northwoods

When I have a computer issue, Scott is the guy. If it’s a simple fix or a rebuild, I have been able to rely on this service. Quick to respond and timely in completing each repair. I recommend this company all the time. Thanks Northwoods Computer Guy!

Steven Frei

Fast, Excellent Service – Highly Recommended

Scott has fixed our computer several times with excellent results. Most recently he was able to bring it back from near-death (nasty virus) and it now runs better than ever. He is also happy to take the time to explain things in a way a non-computer person can understand. I don’t know what we’d do without him!

Betsy Schafhauser

Scott has helped us so

Scott has helped us so much with our computer issues. He is patient with those of us who didn’t always use computers. THANKS

dale Goeman

You are my only computer guy!

For several years now Scott has been doing all my computer updates, help with purchasing new computers, repairs when I am hacked and is on the other end of the phone when I have a question. I have recommended him to anyone who is in need of computer help. He has worked until the problem has been solved and is very patient with me. I also feel his fees have been affordable and I do not feel he has ever “ripped me off”. Just try Northwoods Computer Guy out and I am sure you will agree with me!

Carrie Zelazoski

Not only are you extremely

Not only are you extremely knowledgeable about computers and have always done an excellent job. You give customer service beyond the norm. We are forever grateful to have you as our “Computer Guy!”

Mary Hansen

Thank you for your help!

Scott is knowledgeable about all computer issues and can explain things so the common person can understand what was wrong, what he did to fix it, and how to avoid the problem next time. He is prompt with answering calls and quick to get things resolved. He is friendly and personable. He has helped me numerous times! I would recommend him to anyone!

Barbara Borkovec

Scott is the Man

Scott is the Man to go to for all you Computer needs

Karen Meisenhelder

Best Computer Person Ever

Scott of Northwoods Computer is the best. I had both of my computers go down at the same time and was in a panic! Called Scott and he said bring them out and he would see if he could fix them. Turned out he did just that and got them both running like new in no time. Northwoods Computers is the only place I will take any of my electronics because he is very good at what he does and doesn’t mind when I ask questions. He is very glad to explain everything in words anyone can understand and seems to really enjoy it; never makes me feel like a dummy (even tho on some things I am). I have recommended him to all of my friends and they think as I do-Scott is the best computer person around..Give him a try–you will agree

Diane F Haskin

Computer salvation

This man is amazing! My computer was having major problems and I thought it was going to be toast; but no problem for the Computer Guy. He cleaned it, repaired it and got it running better than when it was brand new. I am proud to know him and recommend him to anyone that needs computer assistance. He took the time to explain everything to me and show me some new things I never knew about my computer.

Diane Haskin

Scotts the go to guy.

Scott the computer guy is the best. He can fix your computer from miles away without even taking it in. What an awesome option when you have a job and not able to bring your computer to him. He’s brilliant and can fix all your computer problems. He’s fast and reliable.

Sheila Sukanen

Scott is the man to see.

If you’re an out-of-date retired senior citizen stuck in the last decade, Scott is the man to see. Whether setting up something new or talking me thru an ‘oops’ at home, he’s patient and kind. Thanks, Scott.

Kay Sollitto

Twice I needed your help

Twice I needed your help now, you were a great help!! I would recommend you to any body!!

Edith Prigge

Scott did a fantastic job on my computer

Scott did a fantastic job on my computer. He had it done in record time too! I was very pleased with the way he explained everything to me. His price is very reasonable and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs computer work done.

Eileen Mullikin

We Have Been More Than Pleased

We have been more than pleased with The Northwoods Computer Guy, he is very helpful.

Sandy Goeman

Scott of Northwoods Computer is

Scott of Northwoods Computer is simply the best! He is very knowledgeable and professional, but beyond that he is patient with people like me who struggle sometimes with the technical stuff. His prices are more than fair. I am recommending Scott to all family and friends!

Elizabeth M Goerke

I’m now fluent in more than seven million forms of communication!

I was in dire need of an upgrade, Thankfully I found the Northwoods Computer Guy. I was originally programmed for etiquette and protocol, built by the heroic Jedi Anakin Skywalker, and a constant companion to astromech R2-D2. Over the years, I found myself meeting more and more interesting creatures and was in need of addition databanks for fluency in more than five million forms of communication. The Northwoods Computer Guy hooked me up and now I speak over seven million languages! “Koona t’chuta Solo?” -Quechua


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