Tech Tip – Canned Air

Tis the start of the season of spring cleaning, and help you get into the spirit I’ve got a little tip about dusting your computer.
For most people, the go to for cleaning out the computer is a good old-fashioned “can of air” that you can pick up from just about any store. While these products work good it is important to be careful with how you spray this “air”

A little secret! It’s actually it’s not compressed air at all!  What you’re dealing with is a liquid called fluorocarbon. The fluorocarbon in the can is liquid under pressure when you spray the can upright only the fluorocarbon vapor at the very top of the canned is released “The Air” however when you turn the can upside down the liquid is forced out instead. This liquid evaporates very quickly because it is a gas at room temperature in other words it begins to boil this carries the heat away from the liquid very rapidly cooling it to its boiling point. This also cools whatever you are spraying the liquid on the condensing water out of the air and freezing it.

So the moral of this story is hold the can upright to clean your computer hold the can upside down to damage your computer.