Remote Assistance

Instant Help Starts Here!

Getting Help from the Northwoods Computer Guy has never been easier and faster!
To get started make sure you have chatted with your tech, 715-623-2468, He or She will have sent you to this page to get the link for remote assistance.

Step 1:

Click Here to go right to the web-page or visit:
The web-page should look similar to this:

Step 2:

Click on the green “Start Support Session” button in middle of page and download the remote program,  this should take about 30 Seconds to a Minute, then it will prompt you to install the remote program. Once downloaded click on the program to start the install.

Step 3:

You will need to allow the program to have access to your PC, once that is finished you will be presented with a screen with a “Client ID” you will read this number to your Northwoods Computer Guy and it will start your remote service session.

Remote Assistance FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does this program stay on my computer?
A: No. This program is what is referred to as a “Click to Run” program.  In order to start it you must double click on it, and to remove it just toss it in my Recycle Bin.  Leaves nothing behind!

Q: Can you see me through this program using my web camera.
A: Yes.  The Web camera can be accessed, however you will know when it is turned on because a pop up will happen asking for permission to work.

Q: Will you have access to my PC after the service call has finished?
A: Yes and No.  Once I disconnect from your PC I loose access until the next time I start a fresh session, or if you are a business and would like me to keep the program in place it can be installed for after hours repairs.

Q: Is my ID and Password always the same?
A: No. Each new session comes with fresh information.

Q: Is this program safe.
A: Yes. I have made every effort to make sure your security is always my main concern.  Remember, in order to start a session, you are required to enter the numbers on the screen.  If you do not type in the number your computer is not open.

Q: Why is my background missing?
A: If the internet connection is really slow, sometimes I will turn off a few things to make the repair work faster.  It will come back when I disconnect!

Q: How does this program work?
A: This is a complicated question but can be easily explained.  This program has a set of tools inside of it that can read the network connection information of your computer. It sends that information to a similar tool on my computer and uses the code and password to make sure that I am the only one that connect to it.  Because you are required to enter the numbers on the screen, the only way anyone can access your computer is to read the session numbers to you.  If you don’t have the numbers, nobody can get in!  Easy!

Q: How do I remove this program?
A: Your good friend the “Delete” button, or Drag it to the Recycle Bin.  This program is not installed on your computer and can be removed at anytime.

Other questions or concerns please ask your computer guy! -Scott