A Necessary Evil

Passwords are incredibly important and nowadays there are so many to remember.

Every website you visit, every bank account, every credit card, every social media account has a requirement for a password.  A lot of times it’s hard to find a way to make passwords that are; 1: easy to remember, and 2: hard for other people to hack.

So I’m going to share with you how I go about creating passwords and we’re going to be using a tried-and-true method I’ve developed that involves taking items from your everyday life and incorporating it into a very easy to remember very hard to guess password.

The Secret

The number one way that hackers attempt to break into your account is to use what’s called and alphanumeric dictionary brute-force attack. It uses words and numbers and attacks your password till they find the answer.

So the easiest way to make sure that this cannot be done to your system is to incorporate non words with your password. I usually tell people to take things such as their first name or their last name cut it in half and put a number in the middle that means something to them.

How I do it (This is not my real password!)

For this example will use my name: Scott

So the first thing I do is I cut my name and a half and remember to capitalize the first letter because it is a proper name (That way I can use an uppercase and lowercase letters which helps make an incredibly tough to break password)  “Sco…tt

Now in the middle I’ll place a number that means something to me: I’m going to use a make up a birth date of June 21st 1975.
So I’ll place that number in the middle of my name creating a password that looks like this Sco62175tt

I’ve actually created a pretty good password Here it has 10 digits and it only makes sense to me because of the way I set up the letters. Now in my password reminder I can say birth date. And as long as I remember that I cut my name in half in every equation I can always remember my password.

This can be done with just about any number even your phone number which is something that most people easily remember. Sco7155556416tt  WOW, That is an even longer password that’s not difficult to remember because it’s something I use all the time mixed with something I can’t forget such as my first name.

What about Symbols?

Now another problem is that periodically you’ll come across websites that require you to add a symbol. What I typically do is I come up with a list of about 5 symbols. Those symbols usually can be attributed to a type of Industry for example if I’m going to be setting up a bank website I could use a dollar sign ($) if I’m using an education website I could use a plus sign (+) and so on and so forth once you come up with a symbol and what industrial use it with you can add those into your passwords at the beginning or end and is a very simple way to remember.

Don’t Be Basic!

Hopefully this helps you come up with a few new passwords that are easy to remember hard to forget. Let’s let 2018 be the year of not losing our passwords or getting hacked, by coming up with a stronger way to protect yourself.
PS never use abc123 or password, it is the first guessed password by every hacker!