Northwoods Computer Guy & Website Updates

Good morning!

I know what you are thinking…  How long has it been since Scott has updated this website!?!?!  Well, good news it finally happened and the reason why it happened is because I finally have an office manager that said I need to make sure I keep in contact with the people who made me who I am today.

The Northwoods Computer Guy is proud to announce the Position of office manger will now be held by Gerrie Lutz.  Her marketing and networking skills will not only keep the business running smooth, but her attention to detail and amazing organizational skills will make sure you get your computer service done faster and more efficiently than ever!
It is a fact that the Computer Guy is a better place with her helping, So please stop into the office and help Welcome Gerrie!

So the website is going to have more content and more information than ever before!  Keep stopping by for more info and if you have questions or issues please let me know.  The sooner I know, the quicker I can fix it. Thanks!!