Memory is King

Memory + More = Better

Weather looking for a quick boost of speed to your computer or if you’re looking to expand on what you already have, nothing beats a memory upgrade!

First things first, Don’t confuse memory with storage, memory is what allows your computer to multitask and create an environment where you can do many more things, quicker. Storage is the medium where your data is contained (Hard Drive SSD Etc) and the two are not related, we will talk about storage at a later time.

By simply adding an extra 2 to 4 gigabytes of memory to your computer you will make your PC experience so much more user-friendly and smooth.
Sometimes this 50 to $60 upgrade can mean the difference between getting a new computer and keeping your older computer for an extra year or two!!! Never skimp on memory!

To find out more about your computer and how much memory it can handle consult your local computer guy or your user manual.  Remember more is always better when it comes to memory!  -Scott