Lets Save You a Headache!

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We are going to talk about something today that is hard but I am going to do my best to make it super easy.  Backing up your computer.

It is so incredibly important and how you do it is equally as important.
A lot of people use these portable USB flash drives or these external hard drives for backing up of their data I’m here to let you know that that’s a horrible idea.

I’ve had my fair share of failures with USB flash drives and external hard drives. I use them every day for my work but I would never keep my personal documents on them. It would be incredibly unsafe.
It might be surprising to know that these devices are just as prone, if not more so, to failure as your hard drive it’s in your computer.  So if it is your only source of backup it is a dangerous game you are playing.

Offsite = More Secure

The smartest solution for backing up your computer is to use an off-site storage solution.
When I originally started the Northwoods Computer Guy one of my first goals was to create a service where people could back up their computers to my servers.
I was all set to charge about 45 to $50 a month for this really good service and depending on how much data you stored prices could go higher, it was a great idea and I knew I could sell it to hundreds of people and I would do a great service for them and make a ton of money.
The only problem was I found a better solution for less money, and it was such a good deal I decided to scrap my business model and just tell my customers about this great storage solution.
The one I’m talking about is a service called Carbonite. (Fellow nerds will remember that Carbonite is the stuff they froze Han Solo in in Star Wars but it is also an excellent software used to backup your computer.)

Can’t You Say Unlimited?

One of the nice things about this software is the fact that is unlimited, meaning you can back up as much as you want on your computer! Got a terabyte of stuff they got a terabyte a room!

Plus the price tag is killer we’re talking 60 bucks a year. You cannot beat that price tag and I could not match that savings, so I made it my goal to tell everybody I could about this really good service. It is worth the price I promise you and it’s also worth peace of mind.

Set and Forget

Once you set up the service everything else becomes very easy. It is a setup and forget about it type program you simply install the service into your computer sign up with a username and password and it will automatically back it up to a cloud locked service. Then it will back up things as they change meaning you can never forget to backup your computer everything is done automatically leaving nothing to Human error. It truly is a set and forget type experience and I love it.

Do yourself a favor and check-out Carbonite. I make no money from these people I am not paid for my testimonial it is simply something that I found that can save my customers and my businesses some headaches and it is a service that I can’t recommend enough.