Hey I found your missing tools!

Windows 10 Surprises

Windows 10 had a ton of really cool surprises, and some not so cool.  One of the most common questions I get asked about is the Missing Control Panel and Original Internet Explorer.

Well in this months Tech Tip I help you win at this little game of hide and seek.  Not only are you going to learn how to find the control panel that has gone missing in action but you will also find the highly-coveted Internet Explorer!

Now just a fair point

I would be a bad computer guy if I didn’t warn you about the Internet Explorer.  It is being replaced by Microsoft Edge which is the big E that you see at the bottom of the screen!

The reason why Internet Explorer is being phased out is because it is no longer a very safe method to browse the internet and opens you and your computer up to different types of vulnerabilities.

Although it is available make sure you’re safe while you’re using it.  With any luck the people who create websites still to this day that can only be viewed with Internet Explorer will get off their lazy hindquarters and update their websites!!!

So with no more further ado I present to you Episode #2 – Yes, I planned out that little rhyme!  🙂

Episode #2… Who does #2 Work for…

Secrets are meant to be discovered

Remember Cortona is your friend and she is your ticket to everything hidden in your computer!

Simply typing in that handy dandy search box on the bottom left-hand side of your screen in Windows 10 can reveal not only hidden features but also your files and even the ability to search the internet!

But, We will cover more of that in episode 3!