Father’s Day is Awesome

Yes, That is right, Father’s Day is awesome!

What is not awesome, is what the heck to get for Dad for Father’s Day.

I feel like I have to say this for all dads, Coffee cups, Neckties & Socks suck!  When buying a present for your Geeky Dad, now is the time to mix it up! I know this problem all too well and I have been on the receiving end of some real stinkers myself! (Don’t tell my kids!)
Picking up presents for dad doesn’t have to be hard. Thankfully, there are a few wonderful services that will help point you in the direction, or you can listen to a real life actual dad!  ME!

So, if your dad is a little geeky like me, let me share with you what I would like and maybe it will help inspire you!

  • A 3D Printer Kit

Anet A8Anet A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY Kit

I know what you are thinking already! WOW, that is a pricey one!  Well, in short, not really, not anymore!

The one I have been eyeing up is the Anet A8 and it is an amazingly well review 3d Printer and it is really affordable! He’ll love.

The reason this one is not overly expensive is because you are buying it unassembled (as a build it yourself kit) Plus, If you buy them as a kit and you can also get some extra daddy time by putting it together with him!   Think of it kind of like a model that you guys can build together and when you’re done you have a fully functional 3D printer so you can make all kinds of cool things.

Speaking of cool things,  check online and on YouTube you wouldn’t believe all the cool things that you can make. Thingiverse is a cool site:  https://www.thingiverse.com  Do yourself a favor and check-out this 3D printed gear heart.

  • Nerdy T-Shirts

If your dad is a bit of a t-shirt nerd like I am, might I recommend a few funny vintage style inspired t-shirts.  You’ll both get a laugh out of it and he will absolutely love the Nostalgia and all the funny comments people will make.

This Never Forget is one of my favs and still is not in my closet!  Soon you will be mine On Amazon


My last suggestion is a personal favorite of mine!  I know it’s cliche but all dad’s love TV! There is a wonderful product out there called a Roku and if you pair that with a subscription to Sling TV he’ll be a happy camper!  I own 5 of these things and I have one on every TV in the house!  They work great!

Plus with the SlingTV you who can enjoy your media everywhere you want to go at a really reasonable price.  (Seriously I even watch it on my phone!)

I wish all of you a happy Father’s Day and extra shout out to the mothers who helped make Father’s Day possible!! 🙂