Dust is killing your computer!

Dust Will Damage or Kill Your Computer!!!

Quick question for you;  What do your vacuum cleaner and your computer have in common?

No, the answer isn’t that they both suck… Actually the answer I was looking for it was; They both collect dust through a process of air intake… Ok, so they both suck.

Let’s get this moving

So your computer uses fans to circulate air throughout your computer helping keep it cool. Unfortunately, this process has a nasty habit of sucking in every bit of air that is around your computer, regardless of its cleanliness. Usually that air contains dust, hair,  particles and even smoke.

Having dust build up in your computer causes many issues. The worst of which can shorten the life of your computer!

One of my favorite ways to describe this is;  The inside of your computer is warm. It’s kind of like a desert. The dust and particles can accumulate around your circuitry and your hardware basically giving them a coat. Now, how comfortable would you be in a coat in the desert?

Dust build up causes:

  • Overheating which can lead to failing computer parts
  • Noisiness
  • Slow, Sluggish, & Unresponsive computer

Let’s blow this place.

It’s very important to have your computer cleaned regularly.  Just as you get oil changes on your vehicles, your computer needs maintenance too.

Taking the time to thoroughly clean out your computer can be time-consuming however with a can of air or a well filtered air compressor you can remove a lot of that pesky dust and you will find your computer having a much longer life! Remember, when using canned air hold the can upright, turning it on its side will release the liquid CO2 directly onto your components causing damage.  Also, be careful when using filtered air compressors that you do not have your air strength up too high, you can unknowingly blow pieces (Jumpers, wires, etc..) off of your computer.

If blowing out your own computer is something you’re uncomfortable with, or you do not wish to do it, you can bring your computer in to me and I’ll happily take care of all that dust for you.

I recommend regular tune-ups every 6-12 months, depending on your computer’s needs.  Tune-ups are fairly inexpensive and can lengthen the life of your computer.  I will clean out this dust as part of your tune-up.

Scott Blows

Check out the video below to see an example of how bad the buildup can get!

(P.S. I may or may not tease my dogs with the air compressor!)