Tune-Up / Spring Cleaning

What is a Tune-Up? How do you Spring Clean a PC?!?!

Good Questions! There are a lot of misconceptions about what a Tune-Up is or why you need to Spring Clean your computes. Lets get you the facts!

Typically, this is a 4-6 Hour process that highlights & repairs the primary problem areas computers and their users experience. The end result is a cleaner and more responsive PC! Tune-Ups are a great answer (but not the only answer) to a slow pc!

OK, here is a quick “highlight reel” of all that goes into a tune-up!

The “Spring Cleaning” Portion (1-2 Hours)

  • Physically Clean Your PC – Removing Dirt and Germs (Laptops especially can get really gross!!)
  • Dusting Your PCs internal components (Fans & Internal parts need to be cleaned to keep them cool!)
  • We check the status of Hard Drives and Memory Sticks making sure they are functioning correctly, If Hard Drive or Memory Errors are detected & failure is imminent you will be informed and given quotes to fix or backup your data
  • In desktop computers we organizing cables to keep them from interfering with airflow

The “Tune Up” Portion (2-4 Hours)

  • Scan for Viruses & Malware (Including Scamware & Spyware) Some Virus Infections require more work than a standard Tune-Up will cover and may incur an addition service fee due to time and research.
  • Scan & Repair Windows Reparse Points (Test Default Symbolic Links)
  • Scan & Repair Windows Environment Variables (Registry Entries that can be redirected do to Virus and or Hijacks)
  • Backup of System Registry (To protect against future errors)
  • Run a complete File System Check to look for & repair errors in the Windows NTFS file system
  • Run a System File Check (Different from file system) to look & repair missing operating system files
  • Fix Numerous Permissions & File Association Issues (Resetting most to defaults to replace Hijacks)
  • Reset Windows Firewall and HOSTs files to help with rouge exceptions (Often caused by viruses)
  • Clean out temp & junk files to reclaim space in computers (Sometimes up to and beyond 20GB of additional space added to your PC!)
  • Repair windows features including Safe Mode, Printer Spooler, App Store, User Account Control, Recycle Bin (Loosing Access to these simple things can cause so many issues)
  • Fix Hard Drive Disc Errors
  • Install Available Windows Updates
  • Install Service Packs Version / Feature Updates in Win10

Bonus “NCG Tools” Portion (1 Hour)

  • Install Anti-Virus (If Needed) We prefer & use Forticlient Anti-Virus, for its real time scanning & daily automatic updates & free price tag!
  • Install Missing or out of date run-times such as Java and .NET framework (Help make programs run and keeps exploits out of your computer.)