Recommended Anti-Virus

I don’t care if you paid a million dollars for your antivirus, your antivirus is only as good as your latest definitions, and at the very best antivirus is a false sense of security. remember new viruses are written every single day, in fact new viruses are probably written every single minute of every single day.

A little known fact is that most antivirus software use similar if not the same antivirus definitions So I find that paying for antivirus feels to me like a bit of a scam.

One of my favorite antiviruses I’ve come across in the past few years is a program called Forticlient. It is created by a company called Fortinet which is responsible for some of the finest firewalls in the world in fact a lot of their technology is used in hospitals and high-end businesses the world over. One of the nice things they provide their customers with is a free antivirus that does an excellent job on your PC. The reason why I like this program over others is it’s real time updating features and it’s real-time scanning features. The program works by scanning what’s different and what’s changed, eliminating the long process of scanning every file in your computer. If it knows something’s different it looks at that something different. It’s a wonderful way to do antivirus.

It’s not as easy to install as some of the other antiviruses which is why I made this video.
after watching the video go ahead and give the installation a go. You can find the download file by clicking on this link here or going to their website.
If you have any trouble with this don’t be afraid to give me a call. -Scott