7 Deadly Computer Virus Signs

What’s In The Box!?!?!

Viruses (For the Most Part) don’t really want to be found, Believe it or not they work the best when they can be quiet not make a lot of noise and exist in your computer for a long time.

Most viruses do such a good job of hiding that you may not even know that they exist on your computer. That’s when it computer guy can come in really handy.  They’re trained to not only be able to spot malicious software but understand how and where they hide to be able to track them down and eliminate them quickly.

There are often times no signs that you are infected, however there are also a lot of stereotypical but still sometimes unknown signs that will present themselves to you.  Here are a few of the ones I usually see.

1. Slowdown

If your computer goes from one day working with no problems, to another day when it’s slow and cumbersome to do just about everything.  That may be a good sign that something is running in the background and hurting your computer’s performance.

This is definitely a thing to pay attention to.

2. Crashes

The now-famous blue screens are definitely something you will notice!

Anytime your computer crashes and shows you a blue screen that’s usually an indicator of a major problem. Sometimes it’s caused by Hardware but usually it’s caused by a program making changes to the software and operating system that your computer does not like.

In an attempt to correct this problem your computer will reboot itself and show you the error screen.

3. Unusually high network activity

If you ever have to use the terms “you’re hogging all the internet” and you don’t have a teenage daughter who’s sitting on YouTube all day then there’s a chance you may have a virus on your PC.

There’s a lot of viruses out there that record data and transmit it.  That will cause your computer to use a higher amount of data and longer transmission of information to the internet.

If you suspect that your computer is doing excess communication there’s a very good chance your PC has a cold that needs to be treated.

D. New browser homepage, new toolbars and/or unwanted websites loading without your input

If you’re starting up your web browser and it’s opening 16 tabs and has more toolbars than Web Space there’s an excellent chance something’s Goofy with your computer and needs to be cleaned up.

There are a ton of toolbars that open up security flaws in your web browser, anytime you see excess toolbars or buttons there’s a good chance your browser has been compromised.

5. Unusual messages or programs that start automatically

If starting your computer used to be nice and quick, but all the sudden started including messages and errors that is a tell tale sign that there is something that is loading with your computer and that’s causing a problem.

This can be something as benign as an update that had not completed or it could be something as major as a broken program due to a virus. In either case it’s a good time to bring in your PC to get it checked out.

6. Your security solution is disabled

If you look down and see that your antivirus has been disabled or in some cases is gone from your computer that’s never a good thing.

The majority of viruses that are written today have ways of not only getting around your antivirus but have ways of disabling it so that way they can make full use of your computer without having to worry about the anti-virus getting in the way.

Seeing your antivirus off and not being able to turn it back on should be a red flag!

7. New, unfamiliar icons on desktop

One of my least favorite features of viruses are ones that masquerade themselves as repairing tools or tune-up tools for your computer.  The majority of these programs will create icons for your desktop to get you to start the program up so you believe that you are running a program that’s meant to help your computer when in all actuality you are the one that started the virus.

It’s a dirty trick and one I very angrily delete off of computers on a regular basis.

Did you Notice

Did you notice that the Step 4 bullet point was the letter D on our list above?
You might not have.  That is how tricky a virus can be, They count on you sometimes missing the subtle differences!

There are of course many other examples of viruses on your PC this is a very small sample of the numerous ways of virus can show itself.

The scary thing truly is the fact that there are a lot of viruses that show no signs. That’s why I make the recommendation of taking your computer in for a tune-up at least once a year. If nothing else it’ll provide you with at least a moment of peace of mind and at the end of the day you get a faster running computer whenever it’s in for a tune-up anyways!!

Like always if you have any questions or comments give me a call or let me know.