Lets Help Cali Make Her Goal!

Another Great Turn Out!!! Thanks to all! So we just finished up at Cali’s 3rd Annual Garage Sale to help the Humane Society!! It was an amazing amount of fun and I got to see a lot of my favorite people (and some of you even brought your animals) out […]

Yes, It Was Cold!

This weekend (3-9-13) was the 4th annual Polar Plunge in Glidden, WI I was very happy to see so many people turn out to watch the handful of “crazy people” step up to plate to take the plunge for charity, for those that are not familiar with the tradition, it […]

Figuring out Microsoft Error Codes

We have all had one!  The dreaded Windows Error Codes and figuring out what they are is tougher than finding a diet donut! Thankfully a while back Microsoft gave us a wonderful tool that helps not only IT Professionals but regular people troubleshoot problems and assists with exploring all Microsoft […]

Scott’s Polar Plunge

Let me paint the picture that will soon become my reality; March 9th 2013 in frozen Ashland County just outside of the small town of Glidden, WI  you will find Scott (The Computer Guy) I will be standing in the middle of the frozen wasteland that is northern Wisconsin during the […]

FBI Virus Warning (DNS Servers Being Shut Down 7-9-12: As seen on the news)

Over the past 24 hours you may have heard a lot of warnings on the news, things from your friends and maybe even been directed to websites, and they are all saying the same thing! “Watch out, you may have a virus and will lose your internet in the next few days” (This summer 2012) The actual date the problems will begin and if you are infected, the day you will lose your internet is July 9th 2012!

Google Like an Expert

Ok, I search for a lot of things and I am one of those people that firmly believe that if you can’t find it on Google it doesn’t exist! So when I look for answers I want to find them as quickly as I can and as accurately as I can! Lets take a look a few ways to help you search Google like an expert!

Short Cuts

So in life there may be no shortcuts, however in Computers there are! LOTS OF THEM! Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused. Here is a quick look at my 10 favorites!

Turn your phone into a walkie-talkie!

TiKL & Voxer: Sometimes I come across an App for my cell phone that just makes me stop and say “WOW! I have to tell someone about this!” So I have been looking for a while to make my cell phone use safer and more “user friendly” for a guy on the go like myself. I dislike ear buds and Bluetooth headsets, Let’s face it I look like a fool with them on and I find them so uncomfortable!

Fresh & Clean

Ready for the new faster loading easier to navigate Northwoods Computer Guy Website! Well good news,  Over the next few day I will be working on ways to make the website easier to use and faster to load!  Plus adding new information for everyone!  Please bear with me as I […]